Q - Can the videos be viewed by the entire internet?
A - No. We designed the app to be private and secure. Only those with the Organization’s unique password can access video files.

Q - Do I need to Download the videos to watch?
A - No, but downloading lets you watch without an internet connection as well as giving you a backup copy to keep.

Q - How Long will my Files be accessible?
A - The files are guaranteed for one year after the show. Please download the files for lifetime access.

Q - Can I take the files out of the app?
A - Yes. We want you to take possession of the files and make backup copies.

Q - Can I share the files on Social Media? A - Once you download the files you can share them across devices and social media.

Q - Where are the files stored on my device?
iPhone - Go to the Files app, and look for iCloud or Downloads. Andriod - Go to the Files app, and look for Downloads. Windows PC/MAC - go to the Downloads folder.

Q - Do you still offer DVD or Blu-ray?
A - Yes. Contact your studio or organization. They will have the discs available.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need support.